Barcelona Conference 2010

Emersonians had the most wonderful trip to Vic yesterday. We got the opportunity to interact Catalun dignitaries and learn about the political scenarios that exist in the area of Vic. Vic is a little town that is about an hour away from Barcelona. It has great political significance for Catalunya. Vic is also home for Enric Ordeix, who is one of the coordinators for the Emerson-Blanquerna program. This wonderful and insightful human being teaches at the Blanquerna School in Barcelona. 

Annie and I could not stay through the complete trip as we had to catch a flight to Prague that night. We were driven to the Barcelona airport by two charming young ladies, Mar and Marta, who are also the ambassadors for Blanquerna. We made it to the airport just in time. The whole experience was so insightful and enriching, that I think I may just want to do an internship in Barcelona to learn more about their culture and understand the dynamics of communication that prevail in the organizations of Barcelona.

Emerson Team. 

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