Barcelona Conference 2010

Today we traveled to Enric´s hometown, Vic. We had the opportunity to meet with Jordi, a local journalist and a city official to discuss the immigration issue in Vic.  As Dan pointed out during the dialogue, there are many similarities to the issues in Vic and in the United States in regards to immigration.  While there are still many difficult hurdles involved in this, the Vic government seems to be a leader in handling the large influx of immigrants.
It is the first day of the International Conference hosted by Blanquerna. The event showcased presentations by the representatives of both universities, Blanquerna and Emerson College. 

So far the event received good amount of acknowledgement and appreciation for the vast array of topics covered in the field of Public Relations. We are all awaiting tomorrow to attend the presentation by Dr. Payne and a few more students from Emerson College.  We hope to continue meeting many more interesting people from the field of communication with today and tomorrow´s conference.  
We are having fantastic experiences regarding intercultural interaction! 

Dan got the Happy Birthday song at Mediterraneo Bar. He blew 20 candles and got a rose from an Indian vendor. Great welcoming to the people and culture of Barcelona!

We are continuing to enjoy it! Please follow us!

- The team.
I am very excited about the Barcelona working conference taking place in my old school, Blanquerna School of Communication Studies.

The two week program in Barcelona will deal with international perspectives on communication, public relations, public affairs, public diplomacy, politics and marketing. Also, we are invited to present at the V Congress on Research in Public Relations.

As a graduate student, International Ambassador of Emerson College and Alumni of Blanquerna, I can't wait for this intercultural and professional experience! 

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- Ada Renedo