Barcelona Conference 2010





Visiting the city of Vic was well worth our time. We met a city representative that will soon take office. He informed us of the immigration issues that Vic currently faces and explained that it has been difficult to handle. Many people from Morocco have immigrated to this small quant town and about 20% of the natives strongly oppose it and are even racist. The city council invites immigration and realizes that change can be a positive thing. The council offers free Cataluñ language classes to encourage clear communication between the locals and immigrants...this way the immigrants can embrace the culture and better communicate in a collaborative way. The city of Vic has strong roots in the Catalun culture and the people are very proud of it (I don't know of any other group that is so proud of its culture). If you ever travel to Barcelona I recommend making the 1 hour drive to won't regret it! The town center, historic buildings, market place, and food are all fantastic.
Sruthi and I arrived in Prague last night. We explored the city today and both are convinced that we must bring family back to experience what we have. I don't think my words would be adequate enough to describe how beautiful and breathtaking this place is. It is so untouched...with cobble stone streets, beautiful castles, bridges, and churches. I also attended a Catholic service today and was almost brought to tears by the talent of the choir.
-Annie Huff

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