Barcelona Conference 2010

BARCELONA PRESS 2010 is dedicated to presenting highlights of the working conference in Blanquerna School of Communication Studies, this May 2010. 

In our first year of the Barcelona Working Conference, students from Blanquerna and guest students from Emerson College in Boston are invited to attend and present at the V Congress on Research in Public Relations, on May 13-14.

Throughout the program, students from Blanquerna and Emerson College will be conducting interviews for BARCELONA PRESS TV, to capture the essence of the panels, lectures, presentations and keynote speakers, etc. We will be covering panels and asking professionals of the communication industry, to give their impressions on intercultural communication, as well as highlight the differences and similarities of communication between Europe and the United States. You can also add your own comments regarding the convention by responding on the blog.

The BARCELONA Press Team will be posting these interviews and pictures to the website daily.  Please check the website each day to catch up on the exciting international events.

After the convention, the Barcelona Press Project will be a part of the website archive, to be completed by the United States piece, later this summer. Our hope is thorugh such communication archives, we can relive our international dialogues and experiences!